1) employee (explain) 2) bonus (explain) 3) staff (explain) 4) tasks (explain) 5) customer (explain) 6) How often do you play sport? 7) How often do you phone your mother? 8) How often do you read a newspaper? 9) A song or type of music you can't stand ? 10) Something about learning  English you don't like? 11) A sport you are keen on? 12) How often do you cry at the sad films? 13) I occasionally.... 14) Could you be a dream commuter with your present job/studies? 15) Where would you choose to live and how would you get to work? 16) What about your work/life balance ? 17) What types of industries do you know? 18) What are the most important things for people who work? 19) I hardy ever.... 20) My mother never.....

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