1) Where do butterflies lay their eggs? a) on a computer b) on a leaf c) in a house 2) What hatches from an egg? a) a butterfly b) a chrysalis c) a caterpillar 3) Another name the caterpillar phase is? a) larva b) chrysalis c) pupa 4) What do caterpillars do all the time? a) they play b) they eat c) they watch TV 5) Caterpillars _____________ or shed their old skin. a) jump b) swim c) molt 6) Name the phase that comes after the caterpillar. a) butterfly b) chrysalis c) egg 7) How long does the chrysalis phase last? a) 7 - 10 days b) 3 weeks c) 2 months 8) What phase comes after the chrysalis? a) larva b) egg c) butterfly 9) A proboscis is the butterflies ________________. a) wing b) tongue c) antenna 10) What does the butterfly pump into its wing? a) juice b) milk c) blood



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