Jeff has an old computer. He'd like a new one. - He wishes he had a new computer., Mitch doesn't know how to play the guitar. He would like to know. - He wishes he knew how to play the guitar., You're not sure you're going to get a Christmas bonus at work. - I wish they would give us a Christmas bonus., You have to write a very tedious essay and this is killing you. - I wish I didn't have to write this essay., It's a pity I missed my cousin's surprise party. - I wish I hadn't missed my cousin's surprise party., My mom is always nagging. - I wish she wouldn't nag s much., Sally feels terrible. She broke her grandmother's tea set. - Sally wishes she hadn't broken her grandmother's tea set., My coworker makes an irritating noise when he eats. - I wish he would stop making that noise. , John's devastated. He didn't make it to the game and his team lost the finals. - John wishes he had made it to the game., I'm so sorry I forgot our anniversary. - I wish I hadn't forgotten our anniversary./ I wish I had remembered our anniversary., You would really like to be able to fly. - I wish I could fly., Sometimes your friend can be very annoying because she never stops talking. - I wish he would stop talking.,

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