1) The first thing to do if you want to send a message to your friend is....... a) to text b) to dial c) to hung up 2) When you call your friend and he/she is talking to somebody , the line is..... a) free b) vacant c) engaged 3) If you call somebody and their mobile isn't on , you can leave a message on their .... a) hands free b) message c) voice mail 4) When you finish your phone call, you ..... a) hang up b) call back c) dial 5) When you want to call somebody, you first .... the number. a) hang up b) call back c) dial 6) The sound that you mobile makes is ....... a) voice mail b) dial c) ring tone 7) When you are in the theatre , you must ...... your mobile. a) hang up b) switch off c) call back 8) When you phone has no battery, your phone is .... a) busy b) engaged c) dead 9) When you are run off the credit on your phone , you should .......  it. a) dial the number b) top up c) hang up




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