1) That ____ be Marcelo's wallet . His wallet is green. a) must b) might c) may d) can't 2) He watched that movie nine times. He ___ love it! ( logical deduction) a) can't b) might c) must d) may 3) Jessy didn´t go to school last week. . She _______ be well. a) might b) can't c) must d) may not 4) I ________ _ go out tomorrow, but I'm not sure. a) may b) can't c) might d) must 5) You _______ park your car here. a) might b) mustn´t c) must d) may 6) John ___ play the trumpet well. a) can't b) may not c) mustn't d) might not 7) You _________ exercise if you want to lose weight. a) can't b) might not c) may d) must 8) My grandparents ___ lend me some cash or they ___. I've never asked them before. a) would/would not b) may/may not c) should/shouldn't d) must/must'nt 9) My family and I __________ travel to Montreal next summer. (possibility) a) may b) can c) must d) should 10) He lived in Argentina for five years, so he _________ speak good Spanish. ( ability) a) can b) might c) might not d) should 11) You __________ have excellent grades at school. . You're always playing games online. (capacity) a) must b) might c) can d) can't 12) I´m not sure, but the new assistant ____________ be south Korean. Her last name is Cho. a) must b) might c) might not d) can't 13) Mark passed all his exams. His parents ___________ be very proud.  a) must b) should c) can d) may 14) You ______ take this job. It’s perfect for you! ( advice) a) should b) can c) can´t d) may 15) He ...... I ... ride a bike, but I ... drive a car a) can / can b) can / can't c) can to / can to d) can to / can't to 16) ... I come in, doctor? Sure, you ... . a) May / may not b) May / may c) Can't / can d) May / can 17) Dennis, you have the permission to stay here. a) Dennis, you can stay here. b) Dennis, you can't stay here. c) Dennis, you should stay here. d) Dennis, you must be here. 18) I have a toothache. a) You should go to the dentist. b) You may go to the dentist. c) You mustn't go to the dentist. d) You might go to the dentist. 19) Children __________ play with knives. a) mustn´t b) must c) can d) can´t 20) You _______ eat lots of fruits and vegetables if you want to stay healthy. a) must b) should c) can d) may



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