1) We use ... when deciding about the future at the moment of speaking or future possibilities. a) going to b) present continuous c) will 2) Check all the usages of 'will' in the future. a) prediction b) plans c) sudden decisions d) offers e) promises f) future possibility 3) We use ... for arrangements and near-future plans. a) going to b) present continuous c) will 4) To use present continuous in the future, you must add a time expression. a) True b) False 5) We use ... for intentions, plans or strong predictions about the future. a) going to b) present continuous c) will 6) "Look at those gray clouds, I'm pretty sure it ... rain." a) will b) 's going to c) will be 7) "I can't meet you tomorrow because I ... lunch with my mom." a) will have b) 'm going to have c) 'm having 8) "Don't worry, I ... help you!" a) 'll b) am going to c) am 9) "She ... move to Canada next year." a) 's gonna b) 'll c) 's 10) Choose all possible options to complete: "What ... to the party tonight? a) will you bring b) are you going to bring c) are you bringing

Future Simple Quiz (Will/Be going to/Present continuous)

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