1) Van Gogh and Gaugin _____ both painters. a) was b) were c) is 2) Where _____ Shakespeare born? a) was b) were c) is 3) _____ the tickets expensive? a) Was b) Were c) Did 4) I _____ a good film on TV last night. a) watched b) watch c) watches 5) They _____ at the right airport. a) didn't arrived b) don't arrived c) didn't arrive 6) _____ you see the football match last night? a) Did b) Do c) Were 7) We _____ to Istanbul three years ago. a) go b) were c) went 8) When _____ in Los Angeles? a) you lived b) did you live c) did you lived 9) I _____ you at the party last night. a) didn't saw b) don't saw c) didn't see 10) What time _____ home? a) did you get b) you did get c) you got 11) _____ a big table in the living room. a) There are b) There is c) It is 12) How many bedrooms _____? a) there are b) are there c) are they 13) There aren't _____ pictures on the walls. a) any b) some c) a 14) _____ only three guests in the dining room. a) There was b) There were c) There is 15) How many people _____ in the hotel? a) there were b) was there c) were there

Grammar Review Units 7&8 (Elementary)

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