1) We ....have a lesson yesterday. a) don't b) didn't c) aren't d) weren't 2) .... you sleep well last Sunday? a) Do b) Was c) Did d) Are 3) I ....see you last weekend. a) don't b) am not c) aren't d) didn't 4) ... you get any marks at school last week? a) Are b) Did c) Do d) Is 5) We .... a funny comedy two days ago. a) saw b) seen c) seeed d) sawed 6) He .... on the sofa. a) satted b) sitted c) sat d) sited 7) Did you ... computer games? a) played b) play c) playeed d) playd 8) I ....my old friends last month. a) did b) meeted c) meet d) met 9) He ... sell his bike last month.  a) doesn't b) don't c) didn't d) wasn't 10) She... happy last time. a) weren't b) werenot c) didn't d) wasn't 11) They... a new video last time. a) did b) seen c) made d) see 12) You ... at the mall last Saturday. I saw you. a) weren't b) were c) went d) was 13) She... him an email. a) sent b) send c) didn't d) sended 14) We... to Turkey last summer. a) flown b) flyed c) flied d) flew 15) You....late. What....? a) comed ... happened b) come... hapened c) came... happened d) came... happen 16) Who....you with your homework? - My grandparents.  a) helpped b) helped/helpt c) did helped d) did helpt 17) Why ... you smily last time I met you? a) weren't b) were c) was d) wasn't

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