1) Mike always wants to win. He is... a) reliable b) aggressive c) charming d) competitive 2) Sarah thinks only about herself and not about other people. She is.... a) jealous b) selfish c) spoilt d) sociable 3) John likes giving orders to other people. He is.... a) sensible b) affectionate c) bossy d) competitive 4) Jane can be easily hurt or offended. She is.... a) selfish b) reliable c) sensitive d) sensible 5) Tom has an attractive personality and make people like him. He is ... a) affectionate b) charming c) sociable d) reliable 6) Mary is someone you can trust or depend on. She is .... a) independent b) rebellious c) sensible d) reliable 7) Sam Iikes doing things on his own, without anybody's help. He is .... a) ambitious b) sociable c) sensitive d) independent 8) Jamie is happy only one minute and sad the next, and is often bad-tempered. He is .... a) jealous b) aggressive c) spoilt d) moody 9) Amy wants to be successful in life. a) talkative b) stupid c) ambitious d) bossy 10) Jake always thinks that someone loves another person more than him, or wants what other people have. a) spoilt b) jealous c) competitive d) anxious 11) Mike is friendly and enjoys being with other people. He is... a) quit b) clever c) sociable d) lazy 12) Rose has common sense and is very practical. She is... a) sensible b) sensitive c) insecure d) self-confident 13) Paul always shows that he loves or likes people very much. He is ... a) anxious b) selfish c) charming d) affectionate 14) Rob gets angry quickly and likes fighting and arguing. He is .... a) rebellious b) aggressive c) competitive d) moody 15) Harry behaves badly because he is given everything he wants. He is... a) jealous b) insecure c) spoilt d) mean 16) Kate is always willing to give money in order to help people or make them happier. She is .... a) mean b) generous c) charming d) independent




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