1) I ______ to the gym every week. a) go b) going c) have gone 2) Jane never _________ coffee. a) drinking b) drinks c) was drink 3) We ________ go to work by car. a) wasn't b) doesn't c) don't 4) ________ you eat vegetables every day? a) Have b) Do c) Does 5) ________ your friend work on Saturday? a) Were b) Do c) Does 6) We __________ English at the moment. a) are studying b) studied c) have studied 7) The trains ____________ this week. a) wasn't run b) don't run c) aren't running 8) _____________ to the gym today? a) Are you going b) Do you go c) Did you go 9) I _______ pizza last night. a) eat b) eating c) ate 10) My family _________ to the beach last month.  a) didn't go b) don't go c) hasn't gone 11) ____________TV last night? a) Do you watch b) Have you watched c) Did you watch 12) We ____________ home when the accident happened. a) were driving b) drove c) are driving 13) Mike _________ when I arrived. a) didn't sleep b) wasn't sleeping c) isn't sleeping 14) A Fiat is _____________ a Ferrari. a) cheaper than b) cheap c) the cheapest 15) Is Brazil ___________ Spain? a) beautiful b) the most beautiful c) more beautiful than 16) What is ___________ car in the world? a) more expensive than b) the most expensive c) expensive 17) Is the Sahara __________ place in the world? a) the hottest b) hot c) hotter than 18) ___________ to Australia? a) Have you ever been b) Do you go c) Did you go 19) We ____________ in this company since 1999. a) worked b) work c) have worked 20) I ____________ my English course yet. a) am not finishing b) haven't finished c) don't finish



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