meant - You can´t shout here. You are _____ to remain silent., fortune - This cellphone costs a _______. I can´t afford it., snap up - Buy something as soon as it is brought out., better - It might rain. You had ______ take an umbrella., shall - Let´s go to the cinema. _____ we?, rip off - The act of cheating someone by selling something at a higher price than it is worth., gap - These new shirts fill a ___ in the market., ends - It is difficult to make ____ meet without my parents´ help., ought - The teacher explained this topic yesterday. You _____ to have paid attention to the class., will - Nobody will attend the History lesson. ___ they?, neednt - I took a coat with me but it was not cold. I ______ have brought it., should - The price of Bitcoin dropped down to 30.000$. I ______ have sold mine last week., are - A: Everybody is going to the party. B: ___ they?, must - You ____ give that Chinese restaurant a try. It is amazing., hardly - You ______ know how to ski. Do you?,

English: Unit 4 Grammar and Vocabulary

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