1) 7A - Name five vegetables 2) 7A - Think of three kinds of food which are uncountable 3) 7B - Name 2 pronouns and 2 possessive adjectives 4) 7C - Say two questions, one with how much and one with how many 5) 7C - Say a sentence with a few 6) 7D - Say three phrases for ordering food in a restaurant 7) 8A - Name five kitchen objects 8) 8A - Say a sentence with there weren't 9) 8B - Name six life stages 10) 8C - Say two sentences beginning a few years ago 11) 8C - List six regular verbs and put them in the past simple 12) 8D - Say three things you did yesterday with first, then and later

AD4 - Review & Practice - Units 7 and 8

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