1) _____________ abroad is the thing teacher Ju loves the most in her life. a) To travel b) Traveling 2) The flight attendant needs _____________ all the passengers how to survive turbulence in safety way. a) to show b) showing 3) Marcia hates _____________ late at the airport. a) to arrive b) arriving 4) Teacher Ju doesn't know where _____________ with her husband on their next vacation. a) to travel b) traveling 5) Gabi is thinking of _____________ Kelly, Marcia, and Grazi in Germany next year. a) to visit b) visiting 6) _____________ a flight online can be challenging for the elderly. a) To book b) Booking 7) De wants _____________ the exchange rate in Germany before _____________ her trip. a) to know / to plan b) knowing / planning c) to know / planning d) knowing / to plan 8) Kelly can't go sightseeing without _____________ beautiful pictures. a) to take b) taking 9) Grazi believes it's essential _____________ her itinerary before _____________. a) to prepare / traveling b) preparing / to travel c) to prepare / to travel d) preparing / traveling 10) Gabi would like _____________ what she should bring in her carry-on luggage. a) to know b) knowing

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