Correct: CONDUCTION = heat from touch, CONVECTION = warm goes up, cool goes down, RADIATION = electromagnetic waves of heat, CONDUCTORS help heat to pass through, INSULATORS limit heat passing through, EXPANSION = heated particles moving farther apart, CONTRACTION = cooled particles moving closer together, A pot on a hot stove is an example of conduction., Water boiling in a pan = convection., Feeling heat from a fire = radiation.  , Magma moving around in the Earth's mantle = convection., Getting warm lying in the sun = radiation., A cooking dish made from metal is a conductor., A wooden handle on a pan is an insulator., Bridges have expansion joints because of expansion and contraction, Incorrect: Burning your hand on a hot pan = convection., The warmth of the sun = convection., Hot water boiling and bubbling in a pot = radiation.., A rock being warmed by the sun = conduction., A rubber strip a hot metal cup = conductor., Copper wire in an electrical cord = an insulator., Plastic is a conductor., Water is an insulator., Temperature INCREASES, things contract., Temperature DECREASES, things expand. , Space left a the top of Pepsi bottle is for contraction.,




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