1) what is a thing on computer of sound? a) keyboard b) laptop c) speakers d) webcam e) printer f) memory card 2) what is a thing of movement and click on computer? a) screen b) flash drive c) webcam d) memory card e) pen drive f) mouse 3) how _____ mouses do you have? a) much b) many c) an d) a e) any f) a lot of 4) do you have ____ computer to me? a) a b) an c) any d) much e) many f) some 5) money question: did you _____ the things? a) win b) spend c) pay d) buy e) lend f) borrow 6) The Arplaine is _________ transport a) the best b) the faster c) slower d) largest e) the largest f) the most prettiest 7) Russia is _________ country a) bigger b) the smallest c) smaller d) the largest e) the most largest f) largest 8) Adjectives with y a) I'll ending this early b) my mom is the prettiest woman c) i only will study d) i will come back early e) i want to be the happiest boy f) i want more ice cream 9) wich adjective with L is used to airplane a) Lock door b) lift c) left d) land e) lend f) love 10) China is ______ country a) the second bigger country b) the second largest country c) the second biggest country d) the first big country e) the thirdy biggest country f) the fourthy largest country




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