They built this bridge in 1602. - The bridge was built in 1602., Tom Clancy wrote this book. - This book was written by Ton Clancy., Someone will send this package by Fedex. - This package will be sent by Fedex., Someone cleans the windows every Monday. - The windows are cleaned every Monday.,  Someone made these shoes in Italy - These shoes were made in Italy., Someone sells coconuts at the beach. - Coconuts are sold at the beach., They invented the TV in the 20th century. - The TV was invented in the 20th century., They’ll soon build another dam next year. - Another dam will be built soon., They cut down thousands of trees every day. - Thousands of trees are cut down every day., Cattle farming is destroying the rainforests. - The rainforest is being destroyed by cattle farming.,  Alexander Bell invented the telephone. - The telephone was invented by A. Bell., The police have arrested five smugglers at the airport. - Five smugglers were arrested (by the police) at the airport., The Chinese invented gunpowder. - Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese., Smoking kills millions of people every year. - Millions of people are killed every year by smoking., People didn’t use credit cards much 30 years ago. - Credit cards weren’t used much 30 years ago., They will open the new cinema next week. - A new cinema will be opened next week., A tiger killed 6 people last week. - 6 people were killed by a tiger last week.,  We use chopsticks for eating noodles. - Chopsticks are used for eating noodles., I hope they will invite me to their party. - I hope I'll be invited to their party.,  I don’t think he’ll sell his car soon. - I don’t think his car will be sold soon.,  A dog bit my sister. - My sister was bitten by a dog.,  A professional photographer took these photos. - These photos were taken by a professional photographer., More than 100 bees stung a friend of mine. - A friend of mine was stung by more than 100 bees.,




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