1) My brother thinks it ___________tomorrow. a) will snow b) is going to snow 2) Look at that boy at the top of that tree! He ___________. a) will fall b) is going to fall 3) Their suitcases are packed. They ____________ on holiday. a) are going to go b) will go 4) If we go to Paris, we ____________ lots of pictures. a) are going to take b) will take 5) In five years’ time, I __________ at university. a) will be b) am going to be 6) A: What are your plans for this evening? B: I ________ my friends and then go to a birthday party. a) am going to meet b) will meet 7) A: I’m really cold.   B: _________ the heating on, then. a) I am going to turn b) I'll turn 8) He is buying some butter and eggs because he _________ a cake later. a) is going to make b) will make



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