1) If teacher Ju's husband ________ the bathroom, she will be happy and relaxed. a) clean b) cleans c) won't clean 2) Clau won't give up her job unless her boss ________ her. a) upset b) upsets c) won't upset 3) Teacher Ju will be happy if the girls ________ the study plan. a) follow b) follows c) will follow 4) Melody will take her cat to the vet as soon as he ________ vomiting. a) stop b) stops c) will stop 5) Teacher Ju will go to Rio de Janeiro when the pandemic ________ over. a) is b) will be 6) If you ________ junk food, you will be a healthy person. a) eat b) don't eat c) won't eat 7) Clau will be calm after Shanti ________ from her long nap. a) wake up b) wakes up c) will wake up 8) If Cindy________ during the class, teacher Ju will give her a snack. a) bark b) doesn't bark c) won't bark

First conditional and future time clauses - Grammar Activity (B1)

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