1) The girls ____________________ English last year. a) have studied b) studied 2) How many series ____________________ since last year? a) have you watched b) watched 3) It ____________________ since last week. a) has snowed b) swoned 4) Teacher Ju____________________ the class five minutes ago! a) has just started b) started 5) Bru ____________________ energized since she started doing physical exercises. a) has felt b) felt 6) Clau ____________________ teacher Ju face to face. a) has never seen b) saw 7) How long ____________________ for me yesterday? a) have you waited b) did you wait 8) Lari ____________________ in Sao Paulo since she was born. a) has lived b) lived 9) The girls ____________________ each other all the time last class. a) have texted b) texted 10) Anna's son ____________________ ill for over ten days now. a) has been b) was

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