1) My train ________ at 7.00 tomorrow evening. a) leaves b) is leaving c) is going to leave 2) Sam ___________ around Thailand this autumn. a) travels b) is traveling c) is going to travel 3) The city hall __________ at 5.00 p.m. a) closes b) is closing c) is going to close 4) Jack and I _________ up in London next Saturday. a) meet b) are meeting c) are going to meet 5) Maggie _____________ a year in South Korea. a) spends b) is spending c) is going to spend 6) This class ____________ at 11.00. a) finishes b) is finishing c) is going to finish 7) I __________ lunch with my friends on Saturday. a) have b) am having c) am going to have



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