The superlative form of good is ..., Mike doesn't play soccer well. Ted is ________ than him., Joyce is smart. Lana is smart , too . Lana is ____________________ Joyce., Brian is ________________ boy in the classroom. The other boys are all short., I don't like math. I think it is ____________ school subject of all., Bill isn't ___________________ Bob. Bob likes to go to parties and make new friends., Vegetables are ___________ than hot dogs. , Susy is timid. Her sister is timid , too. Susy is _______________________ her sister., Iphone 12 is ________________ than Samsung Galaxy A72. (expensive), Who is _________________ person you know?, Julie works ___________ than her friend Patricia. (hard), This movie is a lot _______________ than the one we saw last Satruday. (interesting).

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