1) If Melody revise the content she has learned, _____________________. a) she will pass with flying colors b) she will fail the semester c) she won't be able to read a text in English 2) As soon as Teacher Ju assesses our English knowledge, _____________________. a) she is able to know our level b) she knows our level c) she will tell us our level 3) Tati won't attend her English class unless _____________________. a) Gabi will be at her father's house tonight b) Gabi's at her father's house tonight 4) If Clau _____________________ on her English test, she won't be confident enough to speak in public. a) cheats b) will cheat 5) When Cindy _____________________, the girls will listen to teacher Ju. a) stop to bark b) will stop barking c) stops barking

First conditional and future time clauses - Grammar Activity (B1)

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