1) We're going to a museum, a) go we? b) are we? c) aren't we? d) we are? 2) The bus should come at 10,  a) should it? b) shouldn't it? c) shouldn't the bus? d) it should? 3) The first lesson is English, a) isn't it? b) isn't the lesson? c) is it? d) it is? 4) It'll be a nice day, a) is it? b) isn't it? c) will it? d) won't it? 5) They increased the prices, a) do they? b) did they? c) don't they? d) didn't they? 6) We often run out of orange juice, a) do we? b) did we? c) don't we? d) didn't we? 7) I'm wasting a lot of time, a) am not I? b) isn't I? c) aren't I? d) am I? 8) Sophie hasn't taken the dog for a walk, a) is she? b) has she? c) does she? d) have she? 9) They haven't got any homework, a) got they? b) do they? c) are they? d) have they? 10) Isaac and Toby won't do their homework, a) will they? b) won't they? c) they will? d) they won't? 11) Mum bought us comics, a) does she? b) is she? c) didn't she? d) did she? 12) Paul usually helps his dad. a) do he? b) does he? c) doesn't he? d) isn't he?




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