1) How many parts are there in Pre-A1 Starters ? a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 2) What is NOT assessed in Pre-A1 Starters?  a) grammar b) vocabulary c) pronunciation d) interaction 3) What's the timing in Pre-A1 Starters ?  a) 3 - 4 minutes b) 3 - 5 minutes c) 4 - 6 minutes  4) When a candidate does not appear to understand an instruction/question, the examiner can: a) repeat it more slowly b) ask a back-up question c) point at a relevant item in a picture d) supply the answer and move on e) any of the options above  5) Mark sheets should be completed ... a) in pen b) in pencil c) either pen or pencil. 6) In A1 Movers, what is NOT assessed? a) individual sounds b) intonation c) stress d) fluency 7) If a candidate produces insufficient language for the SE to make a confident assessment, maximum score awarded for pronunciation is 3. a) TRUE b) FALSE 8) What's the timing for A2 Flyers ? a) 6 - 7 minutes b) 7 - 8 minutes c) 7 - 9 minutes 9) In PART 3 of A1 Movers the candidate has to find ________________________ and justify their answer.  a) the differences between the pictures shown b) the odd-one-out c) the difference between their and the examiner's images 10) What does the candidate do in Part 1 of A2 Flyers ? a) Find the similarities between own and examiner's pictures b) tell a story based on the pictures c) Find the differences between own and examiner's pictures. 11) The examiner should make notes during the test and mark three scores as soon as the candidate leaves the room. a) TRUE b) FALSE 12) Examiners SHOULD praise candidates during the whole test.  a) TRUE b) FALSE 13) Pre-A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers are designed for candidates who have a vocabulary of around _______, ________, __________ words, respectively. a) 450 , 800, 1300 b) 400, 800, 1200 c) 400, 800, 1300 14) In Pre-A1 Starters the candidate has to say the name of the object in the card. a) TRUE b) FALSE 15) YLE exams are designed to offer a comprehensive approach to testing the English of primary learners: 7 - 12 school children. a) TRUE b) FALSE 16) Amount of divergence in need of improvement a) 3 b) 4 -5 c) 6

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