1) Another reason__________ she doesn't like me is because I'm very realistic. a) why b) due to c) because d) that's why 2) Robert didn't buy the motorcicle __________ it was too expensive. a) because of b) because c) why d) as a result 3) Ana wants to losose weight ___________ she doesn't eat any sweets. a) that happens because b) as c) that's why d) due to 4) Alice was very ill last week, __________ she didn't go to work. a) because of b) since c) due to d) as a result 5) It took us two hours to get to the office _______ the heavy traffic on the road. a) due to b) since c) that's why d) because 6) The boy fell asleep on the table. ___________ he was very tired. a) That's why b) That happens because c) because of d) because 7) They didn't give Mary the job ___________ her age. a) that's why b) as a result c) since d) because of 8) ________ it was warm and sunny, they decided to go to the beach. a) because of b) as a result c) since d) due to 9) __________ the noise in her neighbors apartment, she couldn't study. a) Since b) That's why c) That happens because d) As a consequence of 10) Everyone knows each other in small towns __________ we find a lot more hospitality. a) that's why b) because c) due to d) so

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