Are you going to watch the mach tonight?, I'm going to have dinner with my girlfriend's parents., Juan and Pablo are not going to study next year., My friends are going to live in Washington., I'm not going to go out tonight., I'm going to go to bed at 10.00., Is Emma going to be at the party? Yes, she's going to bring her new boyfriend., What is George going to do next weekend?, We are going to stay with our friends in London next month., Are you going to take the children to Paris?, My sister is going to buy a laptop., He is going to learn Italian., The team is going to win the match. They're playing very well., We aren't going to have a party anymore., She is going to make a salad. I saw her buying lettuce., It's freezing. It's going to snow., My mum is in the shop. She is going to buy some shoes., My son is going to play the guitar., She's not going to get married. Her relationship is not very well., Douglas is going to take the dog for a walk..

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