1) I ______ Coldplay. a) like b) likes c) doesn't like 2) We ______ _______ the guitar. a) don't plays b) don't play c) plays 3) They ____ meat every week. a) eat b) eats c) eating 4) I ______ tennis. a) player b) plai c) play 5) Peter ____ to the gym three times a week. a) goes b) go c) don't go 6) My father _________ coffee. a) don't drink b) doesn't drink c) doesn't drinks 7) I ________ French. a) studi b) studies c) study 8) We _________ to music. a) listenn b) listen c) listen to 9) My parents _______ in Oxford. a) live b) living c) lives 10) My teacher _____ a cat. a) has b) have c) haves 11) You _________ glasses. a) doesn't wear b) don't wear c) don't wears 12) He _________ smoke. a) don't b) smokes c) doesn't 13) I _______ a new tablet. a) need b) needs c) doesn't need 14) Julia _________ speak Spanish. a) don't b) does c) doesn't 15) I _________ a sandwich. a) wants b) don't want c) doesn't want 16) We usually _______ basketball. a) play b) plays c) playes 17) My mum ______ Mexican food. a) cooking b) cooks c) cooker 18) I ____ yoga twice a week. a) does b) doing c) do 19) It ______ a lot in my city. a) rainning b) rains c) rain 20) He ________ his newspaper every morning. a) reading b) reaad c) reads 21) Joseph ___________ a big family. a) doesn't have b) doesn't has c) have 22) We ________ housework in the morning. a) does b) do c) make 23) I ________ three languages. a) doesn't speak b) don't c) speak 24) My sister ________ watch the news. a) doesn't b) don't c) wacthes 25) You ________ Chinese. a) studi b) study c) studies 26) Sally and I _______ to the cinema every Saturday. a) go b) goes c) going 27) Richard and Katy ________ Japanese food. a) likes b) like c) liking 28) I ______ very well. a) doesn't sing b) don't sang c) don't sing 29) They ______ a lot of photos. a) take b) taking c) takes 30) He ________ his car every month. a) wash b) washing c) washes



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