1) Dorothy is very tired so she sleeps in a bunch of leaves with Toto. a) TRUE b) FALSE 2) The Scarecrow is always hungry and tired. a) TRUE b) FALSE 3) A man made of tin is groaning.  a) TRUE b) FALSE 4) A man made of tin has a pole a) TRUE b) FALSE 5) A man made of tin wants an oilcan a) TRUE b) FALSE 6) Dorothy puts oil on the tin man's eyes a) TRUE b) FALSE 7) the tin man can't move because ... a) the sun melt his legs b) rain water is very bad for his body. 8) the tin man is afraid of Toto a) TRUE b) FALSE 9) the tin man wants.. a) a brain b) a heart c) a real body 10) the tin man joins Dorothy, Toto and the Scarecrow in their journey a) TRUE b) FALSE 11) The team arrive at a dark forest. The sun shines bright.   a) TRUE b) FALSE 12) The team like sunny fields a) TRUE b) FALSE 13) The team hear strange noises ..  a) HUMAN NOISES! b) ANIMAL NOISES! 14) What makes those noises?  a) Dangerous wild animals!  b) Dangerous monsters!

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