1) It's important for Tati __________ time with Gabi. a) to spend b) spending 2) __________ to go to university abroad can be complicated. a) Apply b) Applying 3) Melody wants __________ her shopping this morning. a) to do b) doing 4) Tati's boss wants __________ her face to face. a) to see b) seeing 5) Be careful __________ teacher Ju about Cindy - she is really mad at her because of the noise. a) not to ask b) not asking 6) Melody went on __________ until she finished. a) to work b) working 7) Tati and Melody are very good at __________ problems. a) to solve b) solving 8) Tati and Melody must __________ their homework by the end of the week. a) finish b) to finish 9) Teacher Ju gave up __________ when she started college. a) to dance b) dancing 10) Melody went on a training course __________ about the new software. a) to learn b) to learning

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