Originally a paper-making business, the Finnish company Nokia ____ now one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies. There ____ three main division - Nokia Mobile Phones, Nokia Networks, and Nokia Ventures Organization. NOKIA MOBILE PHONES This division designs and ____ mobile phones for over 130 countries worldwide. Its very wide product range ____ the different needs of different customers. The simplest phones ____ customers to make voice calls, but others ____ video capability, Internet access and other advanced features. NOKIA NETWORKS Of course phones ____ without a network, and this division ____ systems and infrastructure networks of all kinds. Nokia ____ closely ____ telecom operators and Internet service providers so that they can serve their customers better. The networks are modular, so they can start small and then ____ as the customer base ____. NOKIA VENTURES ORGANIZATION The Ventures Organization ____ at new business areas and opportunities for the future, even if there doesn't seem to be a natural connection with the rest of the company. The organization also ____ in new technology businesses and the US-based Innovent team ____ investors and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas.

NOKIA-Present Simple-Business English Grammar

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