1) I buy my fruits and vegetables at the a) supermarket b) grocery store c) farmers' market 2) Last year I sold a lot of my old stuff when we had a a) street fair b) garage sale c) giveaway 3) This is a: a) library b) book store 4) This is a: a) shopping b) supermarket c) shopping mall 5) Instead of going to stores, I prefer a) online shop b) shopping online 6) This is a: a) supermarket b) farmers' market c) marketplace 7) This is a: a) wheel basket b) market car c) shopping cart 8) These are: a) price tags b) etiquettes 9) - How would you like to pay? a) - Money. b) - Cash. c) - Debit.  10) Nowadays when I buy something I always a) pay with pix b) pay in cash c) use my credit card

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