1) Leonidas ________ the king of the Spartans. a) has been b) were c) was 2) I _______ just __________ my dinosaur report. a) finished b) have finished c) had finished 3) I was walking home, when the rain __________. a) started b) have started c) has started 4) Last year I _______ a tennis tournament. a) have won b) won c) wan 5) Over 40 years ago astronauts ________ on the moon. a) had landed b) landded c) landed 6) _______ you ________ the email yet? a) Did...send b) Have…sent c) Have…sentted 7) Greece __________ the USA yesterday. a) beat b) beatted c) has beatted 8) My family __________ here since 2008. a) has lived b) have lived c) lived 9) ______ you ever _______to Disney World? a) Did...go b) Have...gonne c) Have…gone 10) Martians __________ Earth 20 years ago! a) has visited b) visited c) have visited 11) I ____________ any good films lately. a) haven’t seen b) have seen c) saw 12) I __________ this school for 5 years. a) had attended b) have attended c) have atended 13) Greece _________ the Olympic Games in 2004. a) have hosted b) hostted c) hosted 14) The Miami Heat _________ 120 points last night. a) have scored b) scored c) had scored 15) How long _______ they _______ basketball? a) did...played b) have… playe c) have… played 16) This is the first time I __________ fried shrimp. a) have tried b) tried c) try 17) I ______ never _____ to an English speaking country. a) has...been b) have...been c) have...gone 18) ______ she ever ______ an extreme sport? a) Has...done b) Did...do c) Had....done 19) I ________ in public yet. a) have spoken b) had spoken c) haven't spoken 20) My brothers __________ in a pub last week. a) have sang b) sang c) sung



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