____ you a student? Yes, ____. ____ your teacher cool? Yes, ____. ____ she give a lot of homework? No, she ____. ____ you study yesterday? Yes, ____. ____ you come to school by car? No, I ____. Are you ____ for a test now? No, ____. What time ____ you sleep every night? I ____ at 11. What time ____ you sleep last night? I ____ at midnight. What time ____ she sleep? She ____ at 10. Why ____ she sleeping now? She's ____ now because ____ tired. Where ____ the babies sleeping now? ____ sleeping in their bedroom. Where ____ you sleep tomorrow? At a hotel. They ____ drive fast because they are very careful. They ____ drive fast because it was raining. He ____ drive to work because subways are cheaper. He ____ driving now because he is tired. They ____ driving slowly because they are late. They ____ drive downtown tomorrow because their car is still being repaired. I ____ driving my father's new car when the accident happened. They ____ careful, that's why the accident happened. They ____ drive if they were tired.

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