1) They love _____ charity work. a) doing b) making c) to do 2) Sam wants to _____ money faster. a) do b) make c) does 3) Do you like to _____ exercise? a) doing b) make c) do 4) I have ______ nothing up to now. a) done b) do c) make 5) I just want to _____ you happy! a) make b) making c) do 6) Try _____ new friends! a) to make b) to do c) to making 7) He is always trying to ________ people laugh! a) do b) make c) doing 8) Could you ______ me a favour? a) make b) doing c) do 9) The principal has just _____ his decision. a) made b) make c) done 10) Please, don't forget to ______ your homework! a) make b) do c) done 11) I'm sorry. I have just ______ a mistake. a) made b) do c) done 12) Good luck on your test. Just ________ your best! a) made b) done c) do 13) What's the biggest mistake you have ever ______? a) made b) done c) make

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