vent - The channel that the lava moves through to reach the surface, colliding - When two plates move together we say they are..., parting - When two plates move apart we say they are..., destructive - When the dense oceanic plate is pushed under the continental plate it is called a ______________ plate, Ring of Fire - The area around the Pacific Ocean with lots of volcanic activity, Hawaii - A US state which is all volcanoes!, Pangea - The supercontinent which broke up about 200m years ago, geothermal - The type of energy we can get from volcanoes, Etna - An active volcano Italy, extinct - Edinburgh Castle is built on an ________ volcano, pyroclastic flow - A destructive mass of very hot ash, lava fragments, and gases which usually flows very fast, mantle - The layer of the earth between the core and the crust, tectonic - The earth's crust is divided into _________ plates, volcanologist - A person who studies and works with volcanoes,

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