thrilled - I've been saving money to do this for three years and tomorrow I'm finally going to set off on my trip round the world. How do I feel? , thrilling  - I've just won $5m on the lottery. I can give up my job and do anything I want! What's the feeling? , awkward - I am a visitor at the home of a couple who argue all the time. They keep asking me to take sides. How do I feel?, akwardness - I'm meeting my partner's parents for the first time and making conversation is difficult. What's the feeling? , admired - People keep asking me for my autograph. How do I feel? , admiration - People think Messi is the best football player in the world. Whta's the feeling?, angry - My brother has broken my smartphone. How do I feel? , anger - The shop won't refund my money. What's the feeling? , anxious - My teenage son didn't come home last night and he always calls if he's going to be late. How do I feel? , anxiety  - I need to catch a connection flight and my flight is delayed. What's the feeling? , disappointed  - My team lost the final. How do I feel? , disappointment - The world champion fell over and missed winning an ice-skating medal at the Olympics. What's the feeling? , frustrated  - I still can't find a parking space. I've been looking for over half an hour. How do I feel? , frustration  - I've got lots of urgent emails waiting for me, but my internet connection is down. What's the feeling? , nervous  - I'm about to give a presentation to fifty people I've never met. They are all experts in the field and probably know more than me. How do I feel? , nervousness  - I'm going to ask my partner if he/she wants to marry me. I don't know what he/she is going to say. What's the feeling?, embarrassed  - I slapped my friend on the back and told him to hurry up, but when he turned round I saw it was a stranger. How do I feel?, embarrassment  - I'm going to introduce my colleague to the new boss, but I just can't remmeber her name. What's the feeling?, relieved  - I lost my wallet and spent one hour looking for it. I've just found it in my coat pocket. How do I feel? , relief  - Your friends were on a plane that crashed. You've just found out nobody was injured. What's the feeling? ,




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