1) In the end it turned out OK, but things ________ (go) terribly wrong. a) would have gone b) could have gone c) should have gone 2) Something's gone wrong with my chemistry experiment. It __________ (start) bubbling like that. a) shouldn't have started b) could have started c) wouldn't have started 3) The rocket _________ (take) off at 4.20, but bad weather delayed the launch. a) would have taken b) couldn't have taken c) should have taken 4) They didn't know what Tony was planning, and he was so determined that they _________ (stop) him anyway. a) should have stopped b) couldn't have stopped c) would have stopped 5) He ________ (be) a businessman like his father, but instead he chose to become an artist. a) would have been b) couldn't have been c) should have been 6) Why didn’t you tell me you were in hospital? I __________ (visit) you. a) could have visited b) should have visited c) wouldn't have visited 7) He booked a hotel in advance, so there ________(be) any problem, but when we arrived, they said the hotel was full. a) would have been b) shouldn't have been c) could have been 8) I worked hard for that exam. I ________ (get) a better mark. a) should have got b) would have got c) couldn't have got

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