1) Would you rather wash your hair with mashed potatoes OR cook the entire Thanksgiving meal? 2) Would you rather have to write a five paragraph essay on what you're thankful for OR not be allowed to talk during Thanksgiving dinner? 3) Would you rather have to wear a pilgrim costume to school for a week after Thanksgiving OR have to sit at the table in your bathing suit and pilgrim hat? 4) Would you rather have to eat turkey for breakfast for a week after Thanksgiving OR have to walk around with mashed potatoes on your head for one school day? 5) Would you rather volunteer at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving OR have to clean up and do the dishes on Thanksgiving? 6) Would you rather have to eat only cranberry sauce for a day OR eat Thanksgiving dinner at your teacher's house? 7) Would you rather not be allowed to have dessert on Thanksgiving OR have to take a bath in gravy? 8) Would you rather get to lead the Thanksgiving day parade OR eat Thanksgiving dinner with three celebrities of your choice? 9) Would you rather eat Thanksgiving dinner at 10 PM OR eat your Thanksgiving dinner without utensils? 10) Would you rather eat a piece of pumpkin pie where the sugar was switched with salt OR not be allowed to have dessert on Thanksgiving? 11) Would you rather have your teacher over to your house for Thanksgiving dinner OR invite your teacher to your house for Thanksgivingdinner?  12) Would you rather have Thanksgiving dinner with a group of strangers OR have a bowl of mashed potatoes that contains three flies? 13) Would you rather never celebrate Thanksgiving again OR never celebrate Valentines Day again?



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