1) China is _____________________ country in the world. a) the more populated b) the most populated c) populated d) more populates 2) In my opinion, Anna is ______________________ than Maria a) more beautiful b) the most beautiful c) beautifuler d) the beautiful 3) Mike is _______________ Isaac. a) more funny than b) funnier c) funny than d) funnier than 4) Christina is _______________ girl in my school. a) more intelligent than b) the most intelligent c) the more intelligent d) intelligenter 5) The boy is ______________ the girl a) more happy than b) happier c) happier than d) the happiest 6) I think summer is ________________ winter. a) better than b) gooder than c) gooder d) better 7) My grandfather is ___________________ person in my family. a) older than b) more old c) older d) the oldest 8) Angela is _____________ English teacher. a) the best b) better than c) good d) gooder 9) John is 1,90m, he is ________________ boy I know. a) taller b) the tallest c) taller than d) tall 10) My car is ________________ your car. a) big than b) bigger c) bigger than d) biger than 11) Corumbá is __________________ city in Brazil.  a) hotter than b) hot c) the hottest d) hottest than 12) New York is ________________ than Rio de Janeiro. a) the coldest b) more cold c) cold d) colder 13) A dog is ________________ a lion. a) smaller than b) smaller c) the smallest d) smallest 14) Brad Pitt is _______________ actor in Hollywood. a) more handsome than b) the most handsome c) handsomer d) less handsome 15) Vatican is __________________ country in the world. a) the smallest b) small c) smaller d) the most small

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