1) Are you married? Do you have any children? Would you like to get married? Would you like to have children? 2) Do you like shopping? How often? When do you go shopping? 3) Where did you go on holiday last summer? Who did you go with? Where did you stay? 4) Were you a good student at school? What subjects were you good and bad at? 5) When was the last time you got a present? What was it? Who was it from? 6) Have you ever lost a credit card/keys/your mobile phone/anything important? Where did you lose it/them? What did you do? 7) Do you have a favourite TV series or film? Which one? What is it about? 8) What will you do when you finish studying English? 9) How will you celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve? 10) What are your plans for this summer? 11) Mention two things you shouldn't do when you break up with your partner. 12) Mention three things a good student must do to improve their English. 13) What will you do if it rains during the weekend? 14) Have you ever been aborad? Where? When? 15) Have you ever bought something you didn't like when you got home? What was it? 16) When was the last time you met your friends? Did you have a good time? What did you do? 17) What do you do? Do you like your job? Why/Why not? 18) Where do you live? Do you like the neighborhood? Why/Why not? 19) Do you lie in a flat or a house? Describe it. 20) Tell us about the last movie/series you watched.

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