1) My sister usually ___________ (play) tennis on Saturday morning. a) play b) plays 2) We _____________ (play) tennis now. a) playing b) are playing 3) Jack _________ (be) at the cinema yesterday. a) was b) is 4) I ________ (live) in a house. a) live b) lives 5) My teacher _________ (speak) French and Italian. a) speaks b) speak 6) We _________ (not-study) French at school. a) not study b) don't study c) doesn't study 7) I ________ (not-work) this week. a) not working b) am not working 8) Sarah ________ (visit) her grandma at the weekend. a) visit b) visits 9) Jack ________ (use) his mobile at the moment. a) using b) is using 10) My sister ________ (have) English lessons on Monday. a) haves b) has c) have 11) My dad ________ forty-three years old. a) is b) has 12) We _______ (be) in class now. a) were b) are 13) Tom ________ (be) a student. a) was b) is 14) They ______ (be) at the party last night. a) are b) were 15) My friend _______ (not-play) any sports at the weekend. a) not play b) don't play c) doesn't play

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