1) Last month an internet café ________ near Ivan's house. a) opened b) began c) arrived 2) The internet café quickly became _________ with Ivan and his friends. a) favourite b) popular c) excellent 3) It only _________ Ivan 5 minutes to get to the café. a) takes b) has c) gets 4) Ivan often _______ his friends there after school. a) waits b) meets c) goes 5) The café has different ________ of computer games that they can play. a) things b) ways c) kinds 6) Ivan thinks that there is a lot of _______ information on the internet. a) certain b) sure c) useful 7) The famous Cirque du Soleil began _____ Montreal, Canada. a) in b) at c) to 8) It was started _____ the Canadian Guy Laliberté 1984. a) from b) by c) of 9) When he left college, Laliberté travelled aroud Europe and earned money ____ music in the streets. a) plays b) played c) playing 10) Not long after he returned home, he started Cirque with _____ friend Daniel Gauthier. a) her b) his c) its 11) The Cirque grew quickly in the 1990s. It now does shows ______ over the world. a) some b) all c) enough 12) The number of people working for the Cirque has grown from 73 to ______ than 3,500. a) more b) much c) most 13) The Cirque doesn't have any animals, but _____ is music and dance and each show tells a story. a) this b) it c) there 14) ______ show, which is called Varian, is about a man who could fly. a) One b) Each c) Both 15) The show starts with him falling from the sky and tells the story of how he _______ to learn to fly again. a) need b) must c) has

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