(Internet memes)People enjoy sharing things on ____ , and many people like sharing ‘memes’ – photos of people or animals with a name like ‘grumpy cat’ or ‘the most interesting man in the world’. However, people often forget that the people in these photos may feel ____ about these pictures, especially if the photos or videos ____ . Increasingly ____ are posting these kinds of pictures, using them as a way of making people feel bad – something which really isn’t ____ at all. (The problem with multi-tasking)The internet has made it possible for us all to do much more than we used to. We no longer need to ____ going into town to see a travel agent – we can usually book holidays ourselves online. We don’t need to write letters or have long phone calls with friends – we can ____ through social networking sites while we wait for a bus or have lunch. But is all this constant activity good for our brains? Some scientists think it makes it more ____ . Nowadays we are more easily ____ from what we should be doing, and on average, we check our phones around 100 times a day. It seems that having all that information at our fingertips is ____ .

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