They have to live ____ a pension of £350 a month. (survive) The police are determined to find ____ who killed Louise. Is that the best you can come ____? (have an idea) I came ____ a word I’d never seen before. (find by chance He had worked hard and was looking ____ his retirement. (eagerly await) The families of the victims feel that the justice system has let them ____. (disappoint) An investigation is being carried ____ by the prison governor. (perform / execute) The tribe’s traditional way of life is dying ____. (become extinct) Keep on doing that and you’ll end ____ in serious trouble. (eventually get) Don’t be taken ____ by their promises. (deceive) You could have a nasty accident if you don’t watch ____. (pay attention) I get ____ well with most of my colleagues. (have a relationship) I wrote a letter of complaint, and the airline have promised to look ____ the matter. (investigate) It’s hard work looking ____ three children all day. (take care of) We are looking ____ a partner in a new business venture. (search)

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