get down - Stop worrying about it. Don't let this failure ... you ... ., try out - The car's in good conditions but you can ... it ... before you make any decision to buy., bring up - Would you like to ... any othe rmatters before th emeeting closes?, take down - The other car didn't stop after the accident but luckily I was able to ... its number., put up - I've got a spareroom, so I can ... you ... if you're ever here again., call off - I'm afraid we'll have to ... the meeting ... Alice and John can't come., see off - Don't worry about the journey to the airport. I'm coming to ... you ... ., let down - I'm depending on you to pay me back the money on Monday. Please don't ... me ... ., make up - To cover his absence he decided to ... a completely false story about being involved in a car accident., put off - Because of pressure of work, he had to ... his summer holiday until October., leave out - We want to give younger players a chance in the team. That's why we've decided to ... you ... of next Saturday's match., put forward - I'd like to ... a proposal. I suggest we start production in May., rule out - The goverment intend to take very serious measure against this interference. They do not ... the possibility of military action., bear out - If you think I'm wrong, check the encyclopaedia. I'm sure it will ... me ... .,

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