Nick says: “I like my granny very much.” - Nick says (that) he likes his granny very much., Nelly says: “I wrote a letter to my parents the other day.” - Nelly says (that) she wrote a letter to her parents the other day., The Browns say: “We’ve moved into a new flat. Our flat is large.” - The Browns say (that) they have moved into a new flat.Their flat is large. , The brothers say: “We won’t clean our flat now. We’ll do it later." - The brothers say (that) they won’t clean their flat now, they will do it later., Nick says: “Betty, give me some bread, please!” - Nick asks Betty to give him some bread., The teacher says: “Learn this poem by heart!” - The teacher tells the pupils to learn this poem by heart., My aunt says: "Don't go there!" - My aunt asks me not to go there.,

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