1) Madrid is ______________ Zaragoza. a) bigger b) bigger than c) more big d) more bigger 2) I am the _______________ (intelligent). a) most intelligent b) intelligentest c) more intelligent d) intelligenter 3) My brother is _______________ than me. a) more young b) most young c) younger d) youngest 4) Venus is the ______________ planet. a) hotter b) hottest c) more hot d) most hot e) most hottest f) more hotter 5) Peter is _______________ than Jack. a) most handsome b) handsomer c) handsomest d) more handsome 6) Tracy is from 2002 and I am from 2003, so I am ______________ a) youngest b) more young c) younger 7) Stella is the ______________ girl in the class. a) pretty b) prettiest c) prettyest 8) My dress is ____________ than hers. a) more cheap b) cheaper c) cheapest 9) February is _____________ than July. a) colder b) coldest c) most cold d) more cold 10) I bought the _____________ play station. a) most new b) newer c) more new d) newest 11) Chocolate is ______________ pepper. a) sweeter b) sweeter than c) sweetest d) sweetest than 12) I am ______________ in my house. a) the tallest b) tallest c) taller 13) Boats are _____________ than trains. a) slowest b) slower c) more slow d) most slow 14) I run _______________ than you. a) more fast b) fast c) faster 15) Claire is _______________ in the class. a) the funnier b) funnier c) funnyer d) the funniest e) funniest f) funiest 16) Paul is _____________ than Elliot. a) ugly b) uglier c) more ugly d) uglyer e) more uglier 17) This activity is the ______________! a) easier b) easiest c) easyer d) easyest e) more easy f) most easy 18) Swimming with sharks is _________________ than climbing a mountain. a) dangerouser b) more dangerouser c) more dangerous 19) This is ___________________ exercise!! a) the most difficult b) most difficult c) the difficultest d) difficultest 20) My mother is the _________________ woman. a) beautifulest b) more beautiful c) most beautiful d) beautifuler

Pursuit of comparatives and superlatives in a maze

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