Reasons for low population: Relief - Rocky, high mountains would be difficult to live in, Water - inaccessible or populated water supply e.g. Ethiopia in Africa, Climate - extreme temperature and rainfall will put people off e.g. Australia, Vegetation - vegetation that is a barrier to settlements e.g. the Amazon rainforest, Soil - unproductive or damaged soils cannot generate crops e.g. Libya, Diseases and pests - not enough money to minimise the diseases and pests e.g. Egypt, Political factors - war zones e.g. Middle Eastern countries, Economies - poor developed economies will put people off e.g. DRC in Africa, Communication - poor communication network will not attract people e.g. Scotland, Natural resources - some countries lack natural resources, but also lack finance or technology to exploit the resources if any e.g. any African countries, Reasons for high population: Relief - low and flat areas will encourage settlement, Water - fresh water supply is always available e.g. the UK, Climate - balanced temperature and rainfall will attract people e.g. the UK, Vegetation - good level of vegetation, Soil - areas with rich soils can provide crops for a large population e.g. River Nile, Diseases and pests - a country will have enough money to get rid of diseases and pests e.g. Italy, Political factors - stable government e.g. New Zealand, Economies - high and healthy economies will attract migrants to work there e.g. Cambridge in the UK, Communication - technology advancements and improved communication networks will build settlements, Natural resources - countries with a lot of accessible natural resources will make people move there for better living e.g. UK,

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