Have you got a really big family?, Can you swim really fast?, Can you stay underwater for thirty minutes?, Have you got a pet?, Do you speak Japanese?, Does your friend speak Chinese?, Are you a quiet person?, Have you got long hair?, Is your best friend really clever?, Are your parents sometimes sad?, Can you get up very early?, Can you chat with your friend for 3 hours?, Can you change your appearance?, Do you enjoy holidays?, Is there a sushi bar near your house?, Do you prefer quiet music?, Does your mum like rock music?, Can your friend exercise for five hours?, Do you wash your hair every day?, Are there any restaurants near your house?, Has your friend got a nice home?, Has your mum got short hair?, Are there any potatoes in the Russian salad?, Has your neighbour got a lot of pets?, Has your neighbour got a really big family?, Are your neighbours quiet people?, Are your classmates all Russian?, Are your friends often excited?, Is there a shopping mall near your house?.

Wider World Revision of Q/short answers (do/ can/ to be/have got) Unit 3


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