I am __________ vegetables., You are __________ to the supermarket., He is __________ carrots., She is __________ broccoli now., We are __________ to the supermarket now., They are __________ cucumbers every day., My favorite vegetable is __________., She doesn't like to eat __________., I like to eat __________ and __________., Mom has to buy __________., Dad eats __________ every day., I go to the __________ to buy veggies., Yummy! I love __________., Kids don't like __________., Her mom is __________ vegetables., Yuck! I don't like to eat __________., She __________ buying potatoes., They __________ going to school., Linda prefers to eat __________., Dad eats __________., Mom loves __________., The Family needs to __________ vegetables at the supermarket., __________ are you here?, __________ I have to buy carrots..

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